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In celebration of TELLUS showroom grand opening, a new concocted cocktail 'Golden Era' is created in collaboration with POWDER ROOM



TELLUS is a convergence of luxury design and the exquisite beauty of nature in Japan's unique alpine environment. It is a pact with the elements of Hokkaido from which emerges warmth and inspiration. In celebration of TELLUS showroom grand opening in the February, Niseko Marketing has helped the client to launch a concocted cocktail in collaboration with Powder Room. This cocktail 'Golden Era' embodies a hint of almond flavour, sweetness is balanced by a pour of spicy rum and dry ginger ale. Visitors at the TELLUS were invited to enjoy a complimentary 'Golden Era' during the promotion period to increase brand awareness and traffic. Niseko Marketing also helped to execute the food & beverage arrangement at their showroom grand opening.


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