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T Niseko

Ranging from classic bubble tea flavors such as brown sugar milk tea and cheese tea, to Japanese traditional tea and healthy boba, T Niseko offers the option of non-caffeinated versions of each drink.  All drinks are customizable: sugar level, add-ons, to suit one’s preferences.



T is about our passion for tea, fruits, fun, and seeing the world in a different light. Niseko Marketing designed a lively and fun-loving visual identity, mirroring T Niseko’s core brand values. Inspired by Japanese pop art, the cheerful green palette echoes the use of authentic Hokkaido fresh produce; dynamic polka dot pattern expresses the quirky nature of bubbles in the tea. The drink menu ranges from classic brown sugar milk tea boba, traditional Japanese tea, to mocktail-style drinks and healthy juices. T Niseko also offers caffeine-free versions and fully customizable add ons.


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